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About Sarasota Wallpaper

Sarasota Wallpaper is a premier wallpaper and painting company that has been serving the local area for many years. Our customers choose us because of our high-quality services and commitment to delivering expertly tailored wallpapering and painting work that transforms decorating ideas into stunning reality.

If you own a home or business that needs redecorating or run a company providing remodeling or decorating services, we look forward to hearing more about how we can assist you. Call us at (941) 960-5609 to speak with our dedicated customer care team.

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Our Company’s Story

Sarasota Wallpaper was founded by two brothers, who began their education in painting and wallpapering long before owning their own company. After working on many hotel renovations, including at Hiltons and Marriotts all around the United States, they gained advanced skills in wallpapering and painting by attending a specialty contractor school in Europe. Working together with a highly trained and skilled team, the brothers now provide luxury wallpapering and painting services for commercial and residential clients from Venice to Tampa.

As a family-run business, Sarasota Wallpaper is proud to provide hands-on and detail-oriented decorating expertise to clients ranging from homeowners, designers, contractors, and anyone else looking for high-end wallpapering or painting work. Our dedication to quality and consistency across every job means we’ve acquired a reputation for excellence throughout the region. Over the coming years, we only intend to enhance that reputation by working hard to provide our clients with the superior artistry they expect from our company.

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What Makes Sarasota Wallpaper Stand Out?

Since our founding, Sarasota Wallpaper has grown to include a large team of hand-selected and vetted wallpaper and painting professionals. One aspect of our business that helps us stand out is that we have the resources and skills to take on any sized project, from single residential rooms to entire commercial buildings. We’re consistently able to rely on their diligence and dedication to finish jobs quickly without compromising quality, as we trust every member of our team to work independently to uphold our high standards.

Another aspect of our service that makes us stand head and shoulders above other industry members is our experience. With over 15 years of experience in wallpapering and painting, we’re better equipped than most to produce a smooth, even finish that will remain intact for as long as expected. What’s more, we maintain high standards for our professionalism and organization, ensuring our job sites are clean, tidy, and well-run while our schedules are tightly adhered to.

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We understand that a coat of paint or a sheet of wallpaper can make or break a property’s aesthetics. That’s why our company is committed to offering a personalized process that considers our client’s perspective from the beginning of the project to completion.

Aside from our flawless wallpapering and painting work, our creative recommendations are much sought-after. If you’re unsure about what you want, just let us know. We’ll provide you with a style guide so you can gather inspiration and select the perfect hue and pattern that enhances your space.

Get started on your decorating journey with the area’s most resourceful, talented, and reliable crew. Call us at (941) 960-5609 to book a consultation.

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